This has been the hardest couple of weeks. I still can't believe I'm writing this. Last Tuesday we lost our big sweet dog, Monty. He really brought so much joy to our lives and I never thought the day would come that he wouldn't be with us. I knew that Berners had a short life expectancy when we got him, but honestly I didn't really think about that when we brought him home, I was just so excited about having a new puppy. I think that maybe deep down my subconscious knew what was coming, because we have had so many ideas of things that we wanted to do with him forever, and I suddenly made them a priority out of nowhere. Like making the poster of all the funny things he would do. We also recently took a mold of his paws and made a stepping stone out of it. I have wanted to do that since he was a puppy, yet I woke up one morning over the summer and made it happen that day.  

We found out on Halloween day that he was really sick. He had been having trouble eating and had slowly been losing weight over the Summer. The week of Halloween, he really slowed down a lot though. My mom took him to the vet and they sent us to Georgia Veterinary Specialists. They found that he had cancer in both of his kidneys. Unfortunately there is not much you can do to treat that in dogs. The best you can do is keep taking care of them and make sure they are eating enough and are comfortable. So that is what we did. We made him all his favorite human foods that he would eat and petted him and loved him and spent as much time with him as we could. The whole thing happened so much faster than any of us expected. And honestly, I am grateful for that. He never really suffered and he didn't seem to be in any pain. He was himself even on his last day. He was still protecting us and taking care of us even in his passing. These were taken on the last adventure the three of us took together, the weekend before Halloween. We headed to North Georgia and drove around and explored and ended up at Lake Conasauga. It was the perfect afternoon together. 

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