Lauren Testa | Branding & Collateral


Hello and happy Friday!! Today I am sharing a follow up post to last week's website and branding launch. I wanted to share some of the collateral that I built out for myself to go along with the new website including my luxe business cards and stickers. I designed both of them myself and then used to print them. For the business cards, I tried out the the Luxe Business Cards, and I am very pleased with how they came out. They are printed on paper that is 3x the thickness of a normal business card, which gives a very professional, polished first impression to whoever you pass them along to. As for the stickers, I just wanted to be able to add a fun touch. For these, I used the Round Stickers. What's great about these is that you can upload a different image to every single sticker if you would like! I took advantage of this and uploaded about 6 different designs for my stickers. I believe you can also do this on the business cards as well. 

In such a digital world, I think it is really refreshing to go the extra mile with business cards and other small details. Have a great weekend! xo