My Favorite Desk Essentials

Desk Essentials

Today I am sharing a line up of my favorite items that I keep on or near my desk that I use almost daily. I love having a designated office space and desk that I can call my own. Projects always pile up everywhere, but I really believe that a clean space is a clean mind. At the end of the day, I make a point to try and at least tidy up my desk and put everything in a semi-organized pile, if not clean it up all the way. Starting fresh each morning is important to me and I think it really sets the tone for things running smoothly. Some of these items are functional and helpful and I use them all the time, and some are to brighten my day and make me happy.
Now for a list of my favorites:

There you have it, a quick list of some of my favorite desk essentials. I'm sure I will be sharing more tools that I use in the future, so check back for that. Have a great weekend! xo