Our Apartment Tour | The Brumby Lofts

Today I want to share a few snippets of our loft apartment. We have almost lived here for 4 years! As I mentioned in my last post, we are buying a house so the time has come to pack up our life here. Its a very bittersweet time for us. Jeff and I are both super excited about our new home and all the projects we want to do to make it feel like ours, but we are also sad to leave our first apartment together. We have made so many memories here together, with Monty,  and with our family and friends. Just the other night we had both of our families over for dinner for the last time to see the place before we pack it all up and it was such a great time together.

Anyways, I have never really shared that much of our space online before so I figured now that we're moving out would be a good time to before I start posting all about the new place and our progress there. I love our loft because it is so open and it has two giant windows that lets gorgeous light in, yet still feels homey. I really love decorating + styling, and have enjoyed mixing and matching mine and Jeff's style the past four years. We tend to agree on most things when it comes to decorating, although if it were up to him, every wall would definitely not be all white. 

I hope you enjoyed our space and have a great weekend!
xo, Lauren