Office Tour


I’m so excited to share the photos of my office that Heather of Heather K Cook Photography shot last year. I feel like my office, and really our whole house, will always be a work in progress. I like the idea that my office set up will always be evolving. I want to always document the small changes that happen as well as the larger ones. I’m happy to share that this is my office in its current state.

Several of the pieces of furniture in my office were made by either my dad or my husband and I. The stump side table is one that I found on the side of the road and brought my husband back when it was dark to take it. Once we got it home, I sanded it until I could. not. sand. anymore! That was my first “woodworking” project that I worked on, I believe. Having a space that is completely my own to decorate and arrange how ever I want to has been so fulfilling. I’ll be sure to share any changes that happen over the next several months. The first thing I feel that will get updated is my desk chair… I’m pretty sure I’ve had that one from Ikea since I was in college, ha!