branding your business



What happens next?

Below is a brief overview of the design process we will follow when working together on building your new visual identity.


client discovery

To get things started, you will tell me all about your business and your goals through filling out an in-depth questionnaire, as well as a client discovery call with me. I will compile everything I've learned about your business and present a brand strategy document that will serve as our roadmap going forward.


Gather visual Inspiration

Once the strategy is in place, we will then both begin gathering inspiration images. This will insure that we are both on the same page visually. Based on the final inspiration Pin board, I will get to work developing two initial moodboard concepts. You will then review these concepts and select the best option. 





Using the brand strategy and inspiration as a starting point, I will begin to design cohesive brand elements that work together to tell your unique story. You will be presented with two branding concepts, which we will then narrow down to one during the refinement process. 


Refine & Finalize

Next we will work together to refine one selected concept and make sure everything fits your brand, and tells your story perfectly. Once we land on a final solution, I will provide you with all of the final files to present your brand to the world. 




Branding Packages