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Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

How much should I expect to spend on custom wedding invitations?

Pricing will vary depending on the print method and the pieces included in your suite; however, the most basic custom wedding invitation design package I offer starts at $2,045. Pricing will increase from there based on what you specifically want to include in your invitation suite. For more details about my custom wedding invitation pricing, you can download my 2019 pricing guide.

What is the timeline like for my invitations?

Timing varies depending on the details and complexity of your project. As a starting point, I will work backwards from your event date and set up a timeline. Typically Save the Dates are sent out 6-9 months before the wedding date, and in some cases can be sent out a year in advance for destination weddings. Invitations are typically sent out 6- 8 weeks in advance. This means the earlier you can book with me for your invitations, the better! The custom process can often take up to two-three months including the printing and assembly process.

Will you assemble and mail my invitations for me?

Yes! Assembly is included in my wedding invitation packages. For an additional fee, I will seal your invitations and deliver to the post office. 

How much will postage cost to mail my invitations?

That depends! Postage depends on the size of your envelope, weight of the pieces being mailed and where they are being mailed. I highly encourage you to visit your local post office for an in-person estimate. Please note that square envelopes, oversized envelopes, and wax seals always cost more.